About Us

Paintball Point Flash will offer you all that's necessary for the most amazing paintball game ever. With modern guns, professional staff and a wild and challenging playground. We will arm you with guns (markers) that shoot natural color filled balls and dress you with protection to have a funny and safe gameplay.
We are here to do everything possible for the best paintball playing experience you will ever have.


The playground location is near the road connecting Gripole and Monfiorenzo (Val de fiori) on the entrance of the city of Rovinj, a few hundred meters from Orka restaurant.

Our paintball playground is big and challenging, divided in two areas; the left one with bushes and trees, natural formed trenches and obstacles; the zone on the right gains you access to the heart of our forest with bunkers in bushes where you can plan your strategy. Our playground is the best for the most exciting paintball game you have ever experienced. Every single visitor was excited with our staff and playground so come and visit us at Paintball Point Flash in Rovinj!

Kind of games


Complete elimination game is very simple to explain but victory is not so simple: your team must rule out all the players of the opposing team while keep your loss on the minimum. The teams wear different color piece of cloth on one arm so you can distinguish your enemy.

VICTORY: is gained eliminating all the players of the opponent team.


Two teams, every team has the same mission: capture the flag in the opposing team's base and get it to the home base. Every team base is situated on the same distance from the playground center.

VITORY: gained capturing the flag in the opponent team base and bringing it to the home base.


Every squad member picks a card. The player with the king card is the captain of the squad and declare it to every player, he will also wear a piece of cloth on his arm to be distinguished from other players. The rest of the team picks other cards and the one member of the team who picks the joker is the traitor. The goal of this game is to kill the captain of the opponent squad. The traitors (one for each team) can decide when to turn their back on the team and try to kill the captain.

VICTORY: gained killing the opposing teams captain.


The two teams decide which will do the attack and which team will defend one flag in their base. The defensive team must not leave the previously defined base and try to stop the attacking team. The attacking team must reach the flag to gain victory. Every eliminated player must not help locating the opponent teams members.

VICTORY: For the attacking team: reaching for the flag. For the defending team: stopping everyone of the attacking team.


After the game you can relax in the shadow of our trees having a drink and debating about your next game strategy.


All the players wear a special designed paintball mask that shields them from getting hit by the ball in the eye and face. It is prohibited to get off the mask on the playground where shooting is allowed.

The rules are severe so players taking off the mask on the playground will be sent away from the playground.

Players during the game don't came in physical contact so chances of injury and accidents are minimal.